Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


German Certificate of Hygiene

A Seal of Quality
We strive for top-level hygiene for you business. The Deutsches Hygienezertifikat (DHZ) offers safety and protection for your employees and your clients by observing German practices and standards of hygiene.
Create a surrounding your clients can trust

The DHZ seal stands for excellence in introduction and implementation of hygiene standards. Your customers will be looking for exactly this kind of assurance when choosing a personal care service. An environment of impeccable cleanliness and an uppermost standard of hygiene are a touchstone for high quality service which your customers will value.

Our seal will be placed in plain view of every (potential) customer, indicating that your business has been approved and certified by us. Promotional displays throughout your establishment may be placed according to your needs. The certification mark may be used as advertisement promoting your business and to stand out from your competition.

Provide your business with legal protection
Our seal is a shield against liability claims. The certification by the DHZ is considered a guarantee that your business complies with all general hygienic conditions required by law. With the documentation of all procedures, the test reports of your sterilization equipment etc. you are guarded from legal redress in that area.

Our Seal of Quality is convincing
Hans-Werner Röhlig, a judge in the city of Gladbeck and an accredited expert on hygiene, “For beauticians, hair stylists, physiotherapists, piercing and tattoo artists etc. inspection sheets for disinfection and hygiene, how to deal with biological waste and the annual training of the staff is required. Unfortunately not every business is well informed in those areas. Liability claims filed by customers or insurances due to alleged infections can lead to expensive law suits if the required certificate is not available. That is why I like the idea of the Deutsche Hygienezertifikat very much. With this certificate basic requirements are met and can be used as a guideline for the business, thereby meeting the customers’ demands for preventative measures and protecting the business legally.”

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