Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


Only the Very Best for Your Customers

Your customers expect being protected from pathogens while being treated in your facilities, Bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot be seen with the naked eye and can easily be transmitted from one customer to the next. Papilloma viruses are a hazard when a depilation is not performed under perfectly sanitary conditions, for instance. Droplet infection or simple skin contact are other sources of germ transmission.

Anyone who impinges on the hygienic requirements by negligence or by intent could be fined. Supervision is conducted by the public health services or local authorities. The DHZ trains you and your staff to help you prevent cross-contamination by your instruments or by direct contact with your customers. Our Seal of Quality certifies that your business is considered hygienically impeccable, a plus for both your customers and your co-workers. Consider feeling confident and relaxed come the next official inspection.


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