Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


Introducing Dr. Gerlinde Wagner, founder of the DHZ

„We are establishing the DHZ as a nationally accepted seal of quality for hygiene. With it, similar to vehicle inspection certificates, the customer can safely assess whether to expect impeccable hygienic conditions.“

Dr. Gerlinde Wagner,
chairperson of the DHZ

For many years Dr. Wagner has successfully managed businesses. In 2003 she founded the Orasan GmbH, a pharmaceutical wholesaler, supplying doctors’ offices and hospitals and establishing specialization in hygienic counseling. In 2004 Dr. Wagner was awarded the coveted “Businesswoman of the Year Award” by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce.
During her 17 years of running a pharmacy in the heart of Berlin, Dr. Wagner was often confronted with lack of hygiene and/or insufficient knowledge thereof, resulting in infections that could have easily been avoided. This deficit induced her to re-evaluate the health and especially the hygiene issues and to additionally obtain a degree in health administration (Dipl. oec. med.). In 2008 Dr. Wagner founded the Deutsche Hygienezerifikat and has since devoted herself to consulting hygiene-conscious businesses nationally and internationally and awarding them with the seal of quality.

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