Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


The DHZ Analysis - Clear Guidelines

The DHZ acts in agreement with the basic guidelines issued by local health authorities and the trade associations. Our checklists are cooperation between the DHZ and a medical hygiene practitioner and are continuously being perfected according to current legal changes.

For our onsite analyses these checklists are a useful monitoring instrument.
An excerpt:
  • Is all necessary hygiene documentation available and are the forms being completed correctly?
  • Is the sterilization equipment certified and serviced correctly?
  • What are the lab results of the wipe test of, for instance, the powder brushes?
  • What are the lab results of the foot rests or mats in a physiotherapist’s practice?
  • Are all disinfectants registered for use in trade?
  • Are the spray or wipe disinfectants used potentially harmful for the customers’ or the staff’s respiratory tract?
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