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Is Your Customer Exposed to Unforeseen Hygienic Hazards?

Prevention with the DHZ

Germs are normally omnipresent. The microbial count must not rise too high, however, and contagions must be stopped from spreading immediately. Unfortunately many personal care services are still not aware of potential hot spots. The DHZ considers educating its members and passing on what product is efficient and where it is used best as another of its main responsibilities.
Many personal care businesses use commercially available disinfectants believing these are universally applicable. Some of the disinfectants are not to be used on certain surfaces, however, as they can corrode the material and thus provide an even larger target for pathogens. This means that even during non invasive procedures such as during a nail mold a fungus can be spread from one client to the next. In fact nail bars are categorized a medium high hygienic risk by the public health departments.

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