Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


Our Seal of Quality – a Plus for Your Hotel

By developing measures for improvement and their implementation your hotel will save time and money. The high humidity in your spas may cause pathogen contamination – a hotspot that can be detected by our lab test and consequentially eliminated. Regular testing and the training of the staff by the DHZ guarantee the high hygienic standards your hotel guests are accustomed to. With our Seal of Quality your hotel will secure a competitive advantage based on an international standard of hygiene.

Excellent sanitary conditions and impeccable cleanliness are a touchstone which your guests are looking for when choosing hotel accommodations. Your guests will feel they are in good hands and value your high quality service.

Recent events have shown that hotels and their staff play an important role in protecting the health of their guests and their employees. In these times of high risk contamination you will know how to eliminate all contagion throughout your hotel. With our Seal of Quality you can ensure a flawless workflow and minimize your staff’s absences due to illness.  

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