Deutsches Hygienezertifikat


Hygiene, a prerequisite for health

Hospitalized patients expect recovering from their diseases and afflictions with the help of medical professionals and attendant assistance.

However, in Germany, there are about 500.000 - 800.000 nosokomial infections per year. Additionally, there is an increase in the number of multiresistant viruses. Even short stays residences at the hospital cause undesirable sequels which interfere with the convalescence period and could originate complicated health situations including death.  

On the basis of a study at 338 hospitals in the United States of America, it was found that specialized staff for hygiene and a customized hygiene-manual could decrease the number of nosokomial infections by 32%. 

Therefore, the major priority of the Deutsches-Hygienezertifikat is to create a customized hygiene-manual for institutions with the latest healthy quality norms. Our institution will sensitize your staff to hygiene concerns and procedures, with periodical reviews, to keep improve the hygiene conditions. An effective program for infection control will help you avoid routes of transmission.

The process of distinction with the Deutsches-Hygienezertifikat is very complex in this case and it will decrease the period of residency significantly - a benefit for you and your patients.

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